The Perito Inclusive Environments Academy was set up to provide support to the organisational change management service, but it swiftly evolved into a valued category of its own.

The principle mission of the Academy is to provide high quality and reasonably prices disability awareness and diversity and inclusion training ranging from C-Suite and large teams through to individuals who want to understand what improvements can be made.

The popular options that customers opt for are below but in reality this is a people orientated service and that means it works best when it isn’t too defined. So if you don’t think the following quite matches your needs we can easily bespoke the course and that often doesn’t mean it costs more either. Perito’s aim is to get everyone involved in the conversation and cost shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor.

We also offer free built environment CPD’s (Continuous Professional Development) so get in touch if you would like one of the team to visit and give an educational talk on Inclusive Environments. This is especially popular amongst Architecture practices, Chartered Surveyors and other built environment specialists like Property Managers.

Our training courses include:

  • The Principles of Inclusive Environments (+ free CPD)
  • Creating an Accessible Environment (+ free CPD)
  • Inclusion and diversity training
  • C-Suite specific & Inclusive Leadership training (CEO, COO etc)
  • Unconscious Bias & Inclusive Recruitment
  • Disability Awareness
  • Community Cohesion
  • The Equality Act 2010 (+ free CPD)


Why should my organisation undertake Inclusive Environments Training?

Training, when delivered well, has the ability to develop an individual, team or business unit to perform better. The term ‘high performers’ is often used incorrectly because it tends to focus on purely the commercial/business focus when in actual fact it should be used to evaluate how successfully people operate right across their organisations. Inclusive Environments training does a variety of important things including:

  • Improving awareness and understanding of inclusive workforces and ensuring that the needs of service users and stakeholders are met
  • Developing knowledge of inclusion and diversity practices in the workplace.
  • Improving the wellbeing and productivity of staff.
  • Making the organisation more innovative because diversity brings in new ideas and processes.
  • A happy and diverse workforce stays in role longer so recruitment fees and loss of expertise is less likely and therefore has less of an impact on the business.


Next steps?

Its best to speak with you at your convenience about your need and requirements so please drop us a line or send in an email to

Our team will be able to discuss options in greater detail or if you would like to arrange a free Inclusive Environments CPD, we can put a date in the dairy.

We help organisations know how easy it can be to create the most amazing inclusive environments.

James Wheeler MA,
Managing Director


What our clients say

"We’d like to thank James and his team for their professional approach, seamless dealings with us and satisfactory outcome for this survey.
The Perito team has added value in ways we hadn’t expected. In that it has enabled us to understand the costs associated with the works which we have and will use to good effect in our future planning and strategy. We are a charity and as such have to manage our funds wisely. Perito’s practical approach and their ability to recommend changes that had little or no cost as well as the larger more costly changes, has meant we are able to improve our Branch within our limited budget. Highly recommend." - Samaritans Plymouth Branch
"Perito Ltd performed an Access Audit for our South Essex Construction Training Academy branch in Basildon. We were really pleased with the report, it focused on what we could achieve by breaking down the actions so we really understood what the tasks were. We also used the report in our new funding model for The Advice Store. It was very useful to have all the information laid out so clearly." - SECTA - Southend on Sea Council
"Great job! Above all, we felt that Perito understood that we are a fast paced customer focused business. We really felt that they understood the commercial aspect of our business and the clear layout of the report was great because it has given us a way forward. A thumbs up from all of us here, thanks again." - Fishalicious